Welcome! Volunteers are always needed to share news and interests, and to write blogs. Our project description is here.

To have meaningful resources, we believe our family project priorities must be contemporary, creative and dynamic. Fortunately, there are always new ideas for new projects and media improvements to benefit our family. We need volunteers to make them happen and keep them going; you can make a difference

Our Process
When you make a suggestion, we add it to our Suggestion List; beginning January 1, 2012, anyone may view it. For more details, please continue reading our posts tagged SuggestionBox via

Then we look at how a suggestion fits with our family project objectives, and determine what skills and resources are needed to estimate or implement. As of September, 2011, relatives can sign-in at to view the Issues and Tasks lists.
  1. Our online team makes corrections (like misdirected hyperlinks), geek changes (example) and easy modifications (example). The team also integrates Google and Blogger upgrades to adapt and enhance our sites (example).  
  2. If  resources are needed before we can move ahead, we ask family to contribute time, talents and opinions. Please regularly check our Help Wanted posts and Suggestion List, and volunteer to help, when you can.
  3. Pending family responses, our online team makes an initial priority. Relatives may Sign-in at and select Restricted then Issues or Tasks
At this stage, we may create an initial web design for family feedback. Besides modifying our quality survey, we try to determine family preferences by adding polls to and surveys where you comment. Anyone can read our blogs about test sites; relatives may view additional information after sign-in at

From feedback
  1. Interested relatives and online team agree on changes to the initial concept or design, and re-assesses priority. (Relatives may Sign-in at and select Restricted then Tasks.) 
  2. Volunteers plan the event, or create the new process or design. 
Relatives review and comment (design review) and we make appropriate changes. Event or project is launched; family attends event and/or contributes content.

Near December 1 of each year, the online team asks family, "What do you want to see next year?" (example), and then we plan accordingly.

We appreciate all feedback because it enables us to make continuous improvements. Please comment below any of our blogs, use a quality survey (example) or Contact Form, or send Email to our personal accounts.

    Last Updated June 14, 2012

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