Project at a Glance

  • Reconnect all of our family branches.
  • Introduce new family additions.
  • Encourage each other to make time to get to know one another.
  • Persistently share good news within our large extended family.
  • Develop online process for easily exchanging current contact information so all of us are able to stay in touch (FAQ).
  • Set-up family process for collecting birth and marriage dates and share a private calendar of  important family events.
  • Use technology to locate missing family members and research our shared family history. 
  • Locate, identify, and preserve family photos and documents (read more) for enjoyment of current and future generations.
  • Create original content (read more) relevant to our extended family that is appropriate for all age groups, secure and easily accessible. 
  • Organize content of value to our family history, and make it available in digital formats for our family story-tellers and researchers (read more).

Last Updated February 26, 2013

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