Be Safe

We're all responsible for online security. Please do:

Familiarize yourself and stay up-to-date 
on the state of safe Internet practices. 
Find web site links here.

Be skeptical of giving out personally-identifiable information.
(Here's our Electronic Privacy Tips.) 

Be thoughtful and professional 
when posting content on the Internet.
(Remember, deleted content can still be cached.) 

Respect privacy preferences of others in our family.
(Download our Privacy Practices.)

Remember most employers
monitor your Internet usage at work.

when assessing suitability of an employee or applicant

Use only your personal computer or mobile devices,
and not public or workplace computers or Internet connections 
for personal or private private family matters. 

Use HTTPS encryption to login to your registered Email account.

Ask online team to remove content you think reveals too much
information about you or your family, regardless of who posted it.

every time you leave a social networking site.

Pay attention to your privacy settings on other community sites
like YouTube, Facebook and Google+.

Renew, install, and use good security and spyware software on your computer.

Ask us to suspend your access to our web sites 
if a virus escapes your PC security,
and immediately alert your most frequent contacts.

Ask our online team to suspend your site access 
if your computer is not in good working order. 

Use common sense. 
Be thoughtful and professional when posting content.

Respect others' privacy.
Be skeptical about posting too much information on public sites. 

Last Updated February 8, 2013

Note: We can't possibly anticipate every situation or technology change. If you have a specific concern, please comment below or use our Contact Form.

What are your online security tips? Share them in comments!


    1. Nothing digital ever disappears.

    2. You can report advertisements you believe to be fraudulent or in violation of Google policies and, if needed, file a complaint with the appropriate agency as listed in the Google Web Search Help Center.


    3. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a series of video tips to help you protect your personal information online. The videos are available at, the federal government’s site to help computer users be safe, secure and responsible.

    4. Keep devices clean. Install regular updates and you'll optimize operating system, browser, and other critical software.


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