Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy anniversary big family news!

We're celebrating our 5th anniversary and we'd like to take the time to highlight a few milestones as well as give thanks to our contributors and readers.

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Whether you follow us by Email, comment on our blogs or find us on Twitter, we're always glad to connect with you, and look forward to all of the new milestones on our roadmap ahead.

Growth spurts
We've come a long way since our inception on April 14, 2008. Starting with only a handful of readers, our newsletters have grown from AOL emails with lots of attachments to PDF files (Sign-in for Archives) to registered domain names and over 38,000 Pageviews of our public websites.

Who's with us now
We are continuing to grow yet ever mindful we have more relatives to meet and get to know. For additions or updates, it's easy to use our Contact form.

Since inception, the number of relatives we can reach by email has increased 68% (and by USPS mail, 50%). Watch us grow or Sign-in here for details.

All the while, we've been keeping in close contact through feedback. Here's our current survey and you can track the status of our Suggestion List.

We learned a lot
Each contributor enriches not only our processes but also the lives of our relatives near and far.

Many thanks to you for being a part of this adventure, and we look forward to even more participation. Slán go fóill (goodbye for now).

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