Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Google Privacy Policy Reminder -- Updated Feb 29, 2012

In just 2 weeks, Google's new service terms take effect.

We urge you to read the new Google Privacy Policy and new Google Terms of Service; both are effective March 1, 2012. Then, we strongly suggest you log-in to your Google Account (defined) and go to your Dashboard which summarizes the data associated with each product you use when signed in to your account. "Make some choices about how your information will be used--because it will be used--instead of accepting default settings." (Read Infoweek article here.)

Google says, "Our new Privacy Policy applies to all information stored with Google on March 1, 2012 and to information we collect after that date." Although consumer and privacy groups have asked Congress to suspend the March 1 changes and hold public hearings, and the National Association of Attorneys General have expressed "strong concerns," Google's changes are scheduled to take effect March 1, 2012.

Review and change your account and browser settings, as you deem appropriate. Some areas to consider are linked to user tips on our Electronic Privacy Tips chart; please add other topics and suggestions in comments. Here's a few things you can quickly do:
As always, think before you post or send an Email. We're all responsible for our actions and staying current on the state of safe Internet practices. 

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Last Updated February 29, 2012 

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