Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tech Tips that are Good to Know -- Updated Feb 6, 2012

Technology can be confusing. To explain clearly why digital literacy matters, Google is today in the U.S. kicking off Good to Know, its biggest-ever consumer education campaign focused on making the web a safer, more comfortable place. The new site complements other Google resources like privacy videos, the Google Security Center, the Family Safety Center and Teach Parents Tech to help us develop strong privacy and security habits.

We've added Good to Know to our Google links at the bottom of this page. Learn something new about how to protect yourself online—tips that are always good to know!

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Last Updated February 20, 2012


  1. I used Google search from the first days. Now, because of this Google Plus move that alters the search results you forced me to use Bing, and I don't like Bing at all.

    1. What could we do on our family blog to lessen your inconvenience?


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