Friday, January 13, 2012

Search, plus Your World -- Updated Jan 31, 2012

Tuesday, Google announced 3 new features of its search engine; the bundle of new features called Search plus Your World (SPYW) is rolling-out this week. To take advantage of all the personal results features, you must be signed-in to your Google Account (create here). With a single Google search, you can now see regular search results, along with
all sorts of results that are tailored to you -- pages shared with you by your friends, Google+ posts from people you know, and content that's only visible to you (like private photos from Google+ and Picasa albums).

Many observers expect Google to integrate its other products like Google Docs, Google Maps and Gmail into SPYW. In some respects, SPYW is similar to Bing's Friends Effect (more here) which incorporates Facebook information. For SPYW 
details and instructions, here's the January 10, 2012, announcement on the Official Google Blog. For SPYW user tips, check out

For subsequent events, please read Google Changes Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Has Search Plus Your World improved the relevancy of your Google searches? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

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Updated January 31, 2012

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