Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dynamic View family test concluding Jan 14, 2012


Our test of Blogger's Dynamic Views at http://mobile.bigfamilynews.com is concluding. The purpose is to evaluate the functionality and popularity of Blogger's new Dynamic Views in our family. Do you favor using one of the Dynamic View templates on forum.bigfamilynews.com or lovenymusic.com? Please make your final comments/suggestions below by Saturday January 14, 2012.

We started the test site to try-out Blogger's Dynamic Views to consider applying one of the templates to forum.bigfamilynews.com or lovenymusic.com because national surveys indicate social networks and blogs represent the majority of Americans' time online. According to Nielson's "State of the Media: The Social Media Report - Q3 2011, "Close to 40% of social media users access social media content from their mobile phone."

Since September 27, 2011, we designated each of the seven template views as the test-site default for at least one week each. We made 42 posts and sent 8 tweets about the test. Total test-site traffic is 285 Pageviews. Nobody commented there, but some did on our forum (here and here). We are open to all ideas and suggestions, so please share your thoughts.

Most of the test-site traffic (276 of 285) occurred before December 1, 2011, and none of the Pageviews have occurred on iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android operating systems. Here's a comparison of mobile views of our public blogs:

                                                           11/30/2011       01/09/2012
http://mobile.bigfamilynews.com        0.00%               0.00%
http://forum.bigfamilynews.com         ~ 1.0%               0.73%
www.lovenymusic.com                         < 1.0%               1.71%
All public blogs, not a test site                ~ 1.0%               0.95%

To see current Pageviews, family can Sign-in at bigfamilynews.com. We cannot identify specific users, so we do not know whether any of the small number of blog readers using a mobile phone are relatives.

Blogger released Dynamic Views on September 27, 2011 (here's the Blogger Buzz post), and we do expect upgrades. One difference now is we cannot use left and right columns for links or content. You might like to tour these blogs using Dynamic Views: Official Gmail Blog, Blogger Buzz: The Official Buzz from Blogger at Google.

Are you in favor of using one of the Dynamic View templates on forum.bigfamilynews.com or lovenymusic.com? Why or why not? Which template do you like the most?

Please make final comments/suggestions below by Saturday January 14, 2012. Thank you!

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  1. Assuming statistics are accurate, there is very little mobile traffic on any of the 3 blogs. Who is sponsoring this change?

  2. You're correct about the traffic. The data is from Blogger Stats. I did not include Google Analytics for the web sites because Dynamic Views are presently unavailable for Google Sites; however, 4 of 1,996 Pageviews of bigfamilynews.com during Dec 2011 occurred from a mobile device.

    Our online team proposed consideration of the format to solicit family feedback. We're aware of national trends, but have no facts specific to our family.

  3. Options are good, but no change needed now.