Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Adopt Big Family Privacy Practices

Our family values privacy, and the privacy of our visitors is extremely important to Big Family News and associated web sites. We receive data about our visitors, but it is not personally identifiable. We are adding Data Collection to our Privacy Practices, which is available now for comment through Friday February 10, 2012. We ask all relatives to adopt our Privacy Practices (PDF), and to suggest improvements.

Our online team uses data from Google Analytics (GA) and Blogger Stats to inform organizational and design choices, and to improve poor-performing web pages. For example, when we recently observed the popularity of our post, Family Forum has global audience, we developed new content--  Internet Visitors Map.

Family discussions drove development of the Data Publication and Undisclosed Data sections. We incorporated all of your comments and re-posted discussion drafts for eleven months during 2011. Earlier drafts are here and here.

Note the Complaint Resolution section covers requests to remove content.

You'll need free Adobe Acrobat Reader® to display and download our PDF File (FAQ).

Download our Privacy Practices PDF file here.

Please comment below this post about our Privacy Practices before Friday February 10, 2012 at 10:00 PM ET. Thank you!

Last Updated February 27, 2012 


  1. Yes, changes highlighted in yellow in the PDF File; text being deleted is marked with overstrike. Thank you for asking.

  2. From comments, 3 additions made Jan 4, 2012: our URLs, where to direct questions and cookies can be disabled. These changes are highlighted in aqua in PDF File just posted. Thanks for these improvements.

  3. other than family nondisclosure you were asked to include, looks very standard to me

  4. Lots of sites use these. Our family will be most interested in what is and is not posted on our public sites. Privacy Practices are clear to me, and easy enough to update when we need to.


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