Monday, December 5, 2011

Survey Says: Top benefit is...

From November 28 - December 5, 2011, we conducted a web site poll asking, What is the top benefit of having a family blog that's public?. We asked you to vote for one of these choices:
  • Easy to find
  • View without sign-in
  • Social media connectivity
  • Forward posts by Email
  • Web feed
  • Follow by Email
  • Other
Thank you for your responses. 100% respondents said: Follow by Email, which means you receive an Email newsletter of new posts to this blog.

Here's how:
  • To Follow by Email, join our mailing list. You may get started with click here. Within minutes, you'll receive a verification; once you click a link in that Email, you activate your subscription. To stop receiving these Emails, use the unsubscribe now link at the bottom of every newsletter.
  • Another option is to subscribe to our RSS in a web-based news reader; you choose a reader when you click here. You can remove subscription content from your news reader at any time. When our content is delivered to your reader, there are links after each post enabling you to Email it to others and to Email the blog author. You type your recipient's name and a message on an Email form; Feedburner delivers, with the promise: "no spam for you or your recipient."
  • When you find one of these universal icons on our web site, you may also subscribe to content of a page within the site via RSS feed.

  • Google Reader upgrades were announced October 31, 2011, (read more or browse Google Reader Help Center), including Google+ integration. If you use the new Google Reader interface and wish to stop receiving a web feed, go to left vertical NAV bar and select Subscriptions > Manage subscriptions > {click target blog} > Unsubscribe.
Whether you Follow by Email or get our RSS feed, we send no more than one message per day in your subscription. We do not receive your Email address from FeedBurner. For questions/comments, here's our Contact Form.

Thanks again to our respondents. We appreciate your feedback!

What feature do you most want to see in 2012 big family news? Please share your thoughts in comments, or through 5 PM ET on December 13, 2011, reply to our poll in the upper left corner of this page.

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