Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Message Boards can facilitate genealogy research Nov 8, 2011

This guest post is written by a relative who researches our family history.

Our search for ancestor graves has been hampered by limited vital statistics. In one instance, we had first and maiden name, husband's name, and marriage date. No birth date. No death date. No cemetery location for husband or wife.

Recently, we decided to register for Guest Access on ancestry.com, and write about our experience using their free services. Not only did we
answer the subject inquiry, a Message Board provided a lagniappe of extended family (read Overview) looking for us!

Inspired, we created new blogs for reciprocating researchers to share genealogy investigation results pertaining to our family. We invite relatives to write and display their family history research on these blogs (FAQ about our Blogs). If you do not research our history, we invite you to contribute photos, documents, and data to make the content even more interesting for our family readers.

We started with four counties in Ireland and ten counties in NY State, and need Blog coordinators. From feedback, we'll help create other blogs. For privacy reasons, the list of counties is on a restricted page (read why we use Page-Level Permissions here). To learn more about the blogs, Sign-in at www.bigfamilynews.com and read the family-only Message Board (here). To contribute content or write blogs, please use link below to Email the author.

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Where are ancestors C and E interred? on private blogs (please inquire via bigfamilywebsites dot info at gmail dot com).

What are your favorite free resources for genealogy research? Let us know in comments!


  1. Another NY State county blog is now available. Please Sign-in at bigfamilynews.com for details.

  2. I volunteer to author blogs for three counties.

  3. We changed visibility settings on those blogs accordingly. Please Sign-in at the bottom of www.bigfamilynews.com to see our current blogs list.


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