Monday, October 24, 2011

Please Reply By 7 Nov 2011

In preparation for holiday mail, we've been asked to confirm our extended family's online address book is up-to-date. Your online response by Monday November 7, 2011,
(2 weeks) will ensure we have time to update our address book by Nov 15. No Sign-in is required to add/confirm data using Sign-Up Here! form.

From feedback, most relatives use online forms to edit our web sites; presently, three relatives have direct page editing access. To join or follow that discussion, please click here.

To access restricted content, relatives Register, and then Sign-in (FAQ) using a Google account (create here). You can Sign-in at the bottom of to view our family-only Message Board here.

We will make general progress reports via Twitter (FAQ) and post an announcement on this blog when we complete the address book edits.

You will find us on Twitter @BigFamilyNews. To receive a FREE daily Email newsletter delivered by FeedBurner when we post to this blog, join our mailing list here.

Will you join us to regularly write (read more) blogs for family news? Here's our Contact Form.

Questions or suggestions? Post a comment below!

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Please Reply by 30 June 2012


  1. I get so many Emails, and am always behind reading them, that I appreciate we have another way-- actually several other ways that we can track family news. Thank you to everyone involved. Good job!

  2. Good move changing to So easy to remember :-)

  3. Received feedback there was a problem with our online form. We changed the page layout, and hope you will visit again.

    Please be proactive reporting any problem you experience on our sites. We cannot fix it if we do not know about it! Thanks.

  4. We are working to resolve one report of numerous Sign-Up form failures. Please post a comment or use Email the author link above to share details of any frustrations you experience so that we know scope of the entire problem. We apologize for your inconvenience, and greatly appreciate your feedback.

  5. We appreciate the several who confirmed contact data for our private family address book.

    We are promised 2 new addresses after Thanksgiving.

  6. Two promised address book additions posted 2 Dec 2011.


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