Thursday, September 29, 2011

See our Dynamic Views demo Sept 29, 2011

Browse our demo of Dynamic Views that Blogger announced September 27, 2011 (here). We chose Flipcard as this week's default (here). During the
demo, you can pick any of the 7 Dynamic Views. Read about Dynamic Views for Readers here. To see another demo, view this.

Presently, we consider the demo an additional service, not a replacement for http:\\ (this blog). This plan may change as all of us learn about the advantages and trade-offs. Based on feedback, our online team will either improve the demo as a family communications media, or stop abbreviated posts at http:\\ This is not a typo! Remember, Blogger Internet addresses do not use "www."

As we posted in comments (here), we do not expect to use Dynamic Views on our restricted blogs, because we intend to continue the privacy protection of blocking web feeds of personal information. Full web feeds are required to implement Dynamic Views. If other alternatives become available, we'll post an update.

What do you like about Dynamic Views? Which of the 7 views is your favorite? What would you like to see improved or developed? Email the author below. Let us in comments!


  1. This seems repetitive. Do we really need this?

  2. Today, the Dynamic View abbreviates Family Forum-- this blog's content, but that could change. Blogger will add more features, and volunteers could target content based on age or geography.