Thursday, September 15, 2011

Forwarding Family URLs Sept 15, 2011

Please use our main Internet addresses ( and and update your bookmarks. We want you to always know who you're dealing with online. Towards that end, we will sometimes register domain name variations to thwart another group from using something similar that could compete with our name or confuse our readers.

Consider the example of vs and Presently, our relatives own all three. As you click each one, you'll notice they all return you to the same place because the owners forward the variations to We're starting this way to  make it even easier for you to find us, even if you type in those different URLs.

We inform you when we forward visitors from one URL to another at via URL updates. As appropriate, we'll ask you to sign-in for family-only announcements in detail. You'll also find "Recent URL Changes" at the bottom left corner of this page. Read why we registered domain names here.

Relatives also own and and forward visitors to those URLs to  Again, please use our main Internet addresses ( and and just be aware we route traffic for your convenience and domain name protection.

What do you like about about this new web site? Let us know in comments!

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