Thursday, August 25, 2011

Google Sites New Look Aug 25, 2011

The next time you sign-in to your Sites list and choose a web site, you will be greeted, "Google Sites has a new look" with choice to "Try it?" or "Dismiss." Please try it, and on next page, choose "Refresh."

Then, you will view the improved appearance of pages that is part of Google Enterprise upgrades. For example, when you wish to add content, you will notice icons in the top right corner replace the text "Edit page" and "Create page." The link to "More Actions Menu" now abbreviates to "More" in the top right corner. This allows a seamless transition from desk-top to mobile. Read more about changes here.

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  1. For comparable changes coming to Blogger, you can now Log in to Blogger in draft to see the new features. If you like it, you have the option to make it your default. Pretty cool!


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