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FAQ about our Newsletters -- Updated Jan 12, 2012

Will I get tweets?
Updated 1/12/2012
A: You may like our occasional public tweets (announcement); you'll find us @BigFamilyNews. We're open to the suggestion that we also send private tweets (here), so send us your Twitter account to participate. Here's our Contact Form, or "Email the author" below. 

In Twitter, we can send direct messages to anyone who follows us @BigFamilyNews.  

How do I sign-up for family news web feeds?
Updated 1/12/2012
A: We are using Google's FeedBurner on Blogger for our public web feeds. On the right side of those pages, and for example, look for "Subscribe in a reader" link with the RSS logo (sample below). Select, and on the next page, you will be able to choose from popular web-based news readers. There is no charge. Subscribe in a reader now.

Will someone mail a copy of
family newsletters to me?
Updated 1/12/2012
A: Not via USPS. Due to cost, we stopped mailing printed copies of all family communications in February, 2009.

As of July 2011, however, and on our public blogs, you may choose to receive our news updates via daily Emails. On the right side of those pages, look for "Join Our Mailing List" or "Subscribe to (Blog name) via Daily Emails" and click.

On the next page, enter your personal E-mail address, type the characters as requested, and select Complete Subscription Request. You will receive a verification message once you submit that form. FeedBurner activates your subscription to that Blog once you respond to the verification message. These E-mails do not go to our blog administrators, but we're glad to help you whenever possible.

Also, if you have editing access to our Google Sites, you may use page revision alerts to create your own newsletter.

Where do I get past issues
of family newsletters?
Updated 9/18/2011
A: We started using PDF in December 2008 (here). If you have access to restricted content on, you may Sign-in and download the PDF files from our Archives. For recipes, Sign-in for private content at

If you do not have access to our private content, please request via Contact Us.

What is a PDF file?
A:  Portable Document Format (PDF) is a computer file format, developed by Adobe Systems, Inc, that allows authors to exchange documents among different computer systems, while preserving the documents' typography and page layout.

What is Adobe Acrobat Reader®?
A:  To read or print a file in PDF format, you must install on your computer the Acrobat Reader program, published by Adobe Systems, Inc. Acrobat Reader is free directly from the Adobe web site and there are no restrictions on its copying or distribution. Acrobat Reader works as a standalone application, or as a plug-in within Netscape Navigator or MS Internet Explorer.

For detailed up-to-date information about Acrobat reader or the PDF format, visit Adobe Systems, Inc at

To download the Acrobat Reader, visit Be aware that Adobe Reader is not available in any other manner via download, including via E-mail.


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