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FAQ About Us -- Updated Feb 7, 2013

What is the status of my
suggestion or question?
Revised 02/07/2013
A:  As of January 1, 2012, anyone can check our Suggestion ListIf you ask a question in Comments below any of our posts, please click the 'Subscribe By Mail' link below the comment form so that Blogger will notify you of replies.

Someone on our team will respond to relatives who include their name and personal Email when making a suggestion; we will send you updates, as appropriate. Family Subscribers can also Sign-in at the bottom of to view Tasks list.

To start brainstorming or to assemble resources, we use Help Wanted tag on our blog posts. For material To share activity and movement on suggestions, we use the SuggestionBox tag.

You'll find links to our FAQ topics at the bottom on the left side of this page. For everyone's benefit, we also tag repeated questions from different individuals FAQ.

What if I think we're related?
A:   We'd love to hear from you! Please send the names of your parents or grandparents via our Contact Form or E-mail to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-AT-com. We'll respond promptly.

How many surnames have we identified?  
Revised 11/08/2011
A:   Our family genealogy researchers regularly make new connections. For the latest info, please identify your family relationship and use our Contact Form or send an E-mail to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

When are site/blog coordinators available?
A:  Generally evenings by E-mail. We post extended periods of unavailable time on our public calendar.

How many people are in our family?
A:   For our extended family, check census tag. We want to include you, too, so please contact us with your personal E-mail and family information. Here's our Contact Form.

How far have we researched 
our family history?
A:   The year 1750 for one family name. How about your name? Let us know via our Contact Form or Email bigfamilywebsites-[dot]-info-[at]-gmail-[dot]-com.

Who is in our family?
Updated 01/11/2012 
A:  Offspring of  M and C Doyle and their extended families. If you're interested in more about our family history, click here.

Didn't find your question here? You might check our Library of FAQ (Who-What-When-Where-Why? format) and/or search entire blog archives for posts tagged AboutUs or family history or genealogy research

For other information, here's our Contact Form.


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