Monday, August 1, 2011

Brainstorm Names Aug 1, 2011

Get out your iPad, iPhone, Tablet, or Big Chief legal pad, and join the fun. Let's brainstorm names for our family's web sites. Think about clever, easy-to-remember names relevant to our family, that no one else is using. Spread the word and please make your suggestions by September 1, 2011

We want to register our domain name(s) and continue enhancing our Internet image. To register the name, it must be unique, and available (meaning no prior or pending registrations). The registrations have fees, but the searches are FREE.  If  we're related, and you wish to register domain name(s), you might like to first contact our web team because we have several discount codes we'll share with you.  

If possible, please make online domain searches using a service like before you send a suggestion. For example, and unless you want to try purchasing the domain name at auction, we cannot use most of the major surnames in our family. A relative has registered one surname and has other development plans for the domain name. Also, another is registered.

What would you name our web site? Let us know via Email the author below!

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