Thursday, August 4, 2011

Artistic content Aug 4, 2011

We're looking for family content for a related web site, and hope you'll contribute. Maybe your son or daughter (or you) performs in the school play, sings in a choir, or has a recital -- we'd like to add the performance to our list of venues here. So far the web site has information about some of our family's live performances in 1847 through July, 2011. Our events public calendar and timeline are here, and our Calendar FAQ here.

How about a slideshow of your family's arts and crafts? You can read about the new version of Google presentations here; you'll find an Overview at the Help Center here. We have a YouTube Channel to curate your videos here.

If you are a musician or performer, please help us find YouTube videos, playlists, events info, and photos/press releases about you/your group. Read about musical connections.

Let's take pride supporting education in our communities, and our family's artistic and academic endeavors. You can subscribe to the Email newsletter or web feed of our companion web site here.

Where have you performed or directed live performances? Email the author, or post a comment to let us know the locations!

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