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FAQ about our Address Book -- Updated Jan 12, 2012

Will I be notified when family
addresses are updated?
Updated 01/12/2012
A: Yes, if you:
When our online team makes changes, we will make general announcements (example) and link to where you will Sign-in to see details. Read about Public and Protected Tweets here. In Twitter, you might like to create a list for family news (learn how).

Occasionally, we will send an E-mail to relatives who contribute to our Family Address Book. Beginning January 12, 2012, if you prefer a direct message via Twitter, please send us your Twitter account via our Contact Form.

Do I have to add my personal E-mail
to our address book to access family web sites?
A: No. If you ask us not to post it to our private web pages, we'll keep it on an unpublished list.

To view our restricted content, or post to one of our public sites, however, we must add your Email to that site's access list where a few family administrators may view it in confidence. If you have any special handling requests, please tell us when you Sign-up for family newsletters or web sites.

Who has access to our family addresses?
Updated 07/28/2011
A: Our relatives who sign-up with their personal Email account and provide their phone numbers and home address. We only release or verify posted contact information to known relatives for family matters. We block web feeds of content containing personal data. See our Privacy Practices.

Can I use my school or business
E-mail for family communications?
A: No; please learn more.

Who is in our family address book?
A: You are listed if you (or your parent or grandparent) asked us to share your contact data within our extended family. To protect family privacy, relatives must first Sign-in to their personal E-mail account (which they have registered) before accessing announcements or contact data, in detail.

You are not listed if you asked us not to publish your contact data.

Didn't find your question here? You might check our Library of FAQ (Who-What-When-Where-Why? format) and/or search entire blog archives for posts tagged FAQ.

For more information, here's our Contact Form.

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