Monday, July 4, 2011

Access Verifications July 4, 2011

We are trying to verify an incoming request received last night to share our private web sites. This affords us the opportunity to ask you to help us review our practices.
We do not extend access to our restricted web pages, unless one of us is confident the requesting party is actually a relative. When someone uses the Google platform to request site access, this is what the site owner(s) receive: 

Request to share
You are the owner of bigfamilysite. has asked that you share this item with:
You can add these people in Sharing settings.
Google Sites makes creating and sharing a group website easy.

You can appreciate we do not always recognize who is sending the message via

Here's how you can help:

  • If you open a new E-mail account, or use multiple accounts, please use our online Sign-up form to update your contact data. Some of you are opening Gmail as a secondary account and do not want to publish it on our E-mails list. No problem; the Sign-up form has space for special instructions. 
  • While interacting within our family, please tell us if you use multiple E-mail accounts (as we do), or send as multiple addresses from a primary account (as we do -- see Gmail Help). 
  • If you become aware a relative wants to Subscribe to our web sites
    • Sign-in and confirm our team E-mails for her/him
    • Reassure it's a relative's account
    • Introduce the relative to our team or
    • Suggest the person expedite by including the names of their parents or grandparents when they E-mail us.

Now, back to the incoming request. We have asked the sender for additional information, and contacted several relatives who may be aware of the situation. If you have any information relevant to the access request, please Email the author. 

What precautions do you suggest for our verifications? Please Email author using the link below! Thanks.

Links Updated December 5, 2012 

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