Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Blogger settings June 15, 2011

Basic information about our Blogger settings:
  1. Generally, only "members" (read family who sign-up to participate) may post unedited comments there. If we enable comments by all viewers, we propose moderating comments (read update). 
  2. Total of 100 readers and authors may be "members." 
  3. On our public blog(s), "Email Posts" lets visitors easily E-mail posts from the blog to their friends or family (whether or not they are Blog members). 
  4. "Listed Blog" presently means the Blog is included in Google Blog Search, pings Weblogs.comand may be linked to from 
  5. "Members" adding BlogThis! button have an easy way to make a blog post without visiting Read more. 
  6. Quick Editing is enabled.
  7. If requested, we may enable Profile Images shown on all comments. 
  8. Word verification will help reduce comment and E-mail spam (read definition).
  9. "Unlisted public blog(s)," presently means everyone can view the blog, but search engines will be instructed not to crawl it (read definition), and if there are links to our blog, search engines may still suggest our unlisted public blog in response to queries.
  10. You'll sign-in to Blogger with your Google Account (this enables Google support team to look-up your account and blogs-- Create a Google Account here).
If you are unable to Sign-in, you may skip authentication (read definition), and go straight to the Google Blogger Help Forum at

What suggestions/questions do you have? Let us know in comments!

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