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FAQ about our Web Sites -- Updated Jan 11, 2012

Why are we using 
Page-Level Permissions? 
A:  This Google Sites' feature gives us flexibility to make some web pages private to Subscribers while keeping other web pages public for everyone to find and see on the Internet. Read the full Google Enterprise announcement here. Since we are trying to connect a large extended family (overview) spread across the USA, this feature really helps us implement registered domain names (read next question).

Why do you moderate
viewers' comments? 
Updated 01/11/2012
A:  Moderating comments is easier than policing spam. This is important because we choose to open comments to all viewers to maximize opportunities to connect with our large extended family. For more details, please read our Comments Policy. Here's how you add your comment:

After typing and choosing how you will Comment (e.g., LiveJournal, WordPress, OpenID, Name/URL or Anonymous), select "Post Comment" or "Preview." Then, when you, our blog reader, is satisfied with your Comment, complete the word verification by typing the characters you see.


EditAnonymous Anonymous said...
This is an example of the Comments Preview pane where Word Verification is enabled to reduce Spam. Random characters will appear below this box for your verification.
November 26, 2011 1:18:04 AM EST

Visual verification

After completing the word verification, your Comment is in queue; we will promptly moderate.

How do I make corrections?
Updated 09/18/2011
A:   Please send your revisions via our Contact Form. Once you Sign-in, we suggest you Search this site (generally, top Right corner) for your name to verify the accuracy of content entered for or about you.

Please also use our Contact Form to tell us about hyperlink problems, and syntax or spelling errors so we can fix them. For the good of the order, thank you!

How will I know that I'm registered? 
A:   Please click here.

Why did I link to 
"insufficient privileges" screen?
Updated 9/10/2011
A: Any of the following may be true:
  • Our coordinator does not have your personal E-mail
  • You did not sign-up for the host web site
  • You have site access, but did not open Google Calendar Account (you will be unable to view private calendars)
  • Hyperlink is inadvertently misdirected
  • Access is interrupted for site maintenance
  • Third-party web site owner moved or removed the page or site
  • Your access is blocked, and for example, you submitted abusive comments (please read about comment moderation above)
  • While setting-up Page-Level Permissions, we made an error-- sorry!
Please use online form to contact us to investigate, because if we don't learn about the problem, we cannot fix it. If you're more comfortable with Email, send it to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

How do I know who else
is sharing a web site? 
Updated 9/18/2011
A:  We place a statement on each of our public web sites that "anyone" (or "the world") may view the content. If you are a Subscriber, Sign-in to see the family access list which will include Page-Level Permissions (read more). For an overview of site sharing, click here.

Do we have any web feeds? 
Updated 9/18/2011
A:  Yes. Web feeds are available on several of our public web sites. To read more, click here. To protect privacy, we block web feeds on our private blogs.

What is the age range of relatives 
sharing our family web sites? 
A:  About age 8 years to 75 years

Can I add my own blog 
to our web site? 
Changed 9/18/2011 
A:   Sorry, but no. We aggregate your blogs with those of other family members. For your personal blog, we encourage you to use Blogger instead. We like the additional benefits (take a tour there), and hope you do, too.

Why are we using domain names? 
Updated 11/08/2011
A:  For many people, Internet addresses are more memorable than phone numbers. Aren't and easier to remember than the long URLs we've been using on our private Google Sites?

To reach another person on the Internet you have to type an address into your computer -- a name or a number (Internet Protocol or "IP" address). That address has to be unique so computers know where to find each other. By assigning a "domain name" to one or more of our IP addresses, we have a web site accessible to Internet users around the world, and a familiar device making it easier to remember.

On this blog May 1, 2011, we invited the family to suggest domain names and also announced the search on a public family web site. We made follow-up announcements July 9, 2011August 1, 2011, and via August 25, 2011, tweet.

Many of us use the expression "big family" when referring to the offspring of our grandparents and their extended families. Our prior newsletters were "Big Family News." A relative registered domain names, and on September 5, 2011, we began transitions to and We started using Twitter @BigFamilyNews on July 28, 2011.

On and, you sign-in at the bottom of the web page to access restricted pages. You may, of course, still sign-in from your Google My Sites page.

Our blogs on Blogger are different. You sign-in at the top right corner of the web page, or from your Blogger Dashboard.

Why are there multiple web sites? 
Changing 9/18/2011
A:   We're consolidating, thanks to the new (Aug 18, 2011) benefit of Page-Level Permissions and being able to create sub domains on our recently chosen registered

These circumstances lead us to multiple web sites:
  • Given our project objectives, a combination of private and public web pages is desirable. Before August 18, 2011, Google Sites did not offer Page-Level Permissions (read more), and we used multiple web sites to offer different accessibility levels.   
  • Single web site limits on free space offered by Google Sites. Three months after launch, we had a large number of web pages and high space utilization on one web site.
  • Our large family has broad interests
  • Individuals are able to collaborate on one or more sites of interest.

Can I add my family photos? 
Updated 9/18/2011
A:  Yes, if we're related. We rotate photos on our public web sites, and use unlisted and private web albums. To get started, specify your privacy preferences via our online form here or our Contact Form. For Web Album and Privacy Notice questions, please visit the Help Centers of the photo-sharing services we use. To find the links, click here.

What keyboard shortcuts are available?
A:  For Google Sites, click here. For Blogger, click here.

Why do we use forms? 
Updated 9/18/2011
A:  We originally embedded forms and surveys on our web sites to increase interactions. Anyone can use our online forms to communicate with our family. The forms are routed by daily E-mail only to a member of our online team.

By automatically aggregating responses, we can easily see and troubleshoot issues. If we're related, feel free to continue your typical way of communicating with us.

After implementing Page-Level Permissions in September, 2011, and from feedback posted as blog Comments (here and there), it is clear some relatives are more comfortable adding content via online forms rather than editing a web site. So, the forms are accessible, convenient, and delivered to the online team for action and response.

What is the online team? 
Links Updated 01/11/2012
A:  A group of our relatives developing and managing Internet sites and other new media for their own family or our extended family. Any relative can join the team, and a variety of talents and skills are needed. For example, we need writers, editors, proof-readers, photographers, graphic designers, programmers, webmasters, marketers, project managers, all-around fun and creative-thinkers. For information about team activities, click here; for process info, click here. Sign-up here.

Why must I have Email 
for family web sites?
A: Please click here.

Why Google Sites? 
Updated 7/28/2011
A:  For years, we recognized that creating a private web site would help us overcome the limitations of Emails. A trustworthy relative with life experience creating and managing large complex web sites, identifies these advantages of Google Sites:
  • Safe, flexible, and powerful
  • Available to the public
  • No need to learn HTML
  • It's free
  • More professional than competitors
  • Large user base
  • Easy to add and update content
  • Many ways to illustrate our content
For an outline of Google Services we are using, read our Google Resources. Learn more about using Google Sites at Google Sites Help. For enterprise news, follow GoogleAtWork on Twitter, or the Official Google Enterprise Blog. We occasionally post Google news and tag it GoogleEnterprise.

When was our first 
family web site created?
A: June 7, 2010

Why web sites?
A: We started using web sites for these reasons:
  • It's easier & has more benefits. See our list of Google Resources.
  • Only relatives view our private web sites when convenient, and do not have to rifle through multiple E-mail messages and attachments.
  • Only persons having explicitly granted permission are able to access our private Big Family web sites.
  • Experience shows our big family uses many software programs.
  • We also use different versions of the same program, even Adobe Acrobat.
  • For details about "sharing a site," read Google Sites Help Overview.

Didn't find your question here? You might check our Library of FAQ (Who-What-When-Where-Why? format) and/or search entire blog archives for posts tagged FAQ. To send a question, please use our Contact Form.


    1. Updated Web Sites FAQ 8/20/11 for opportunity to use Google's new Page-Level Permissions.

    2. Please read 9/18/2011 FAQ Web Sites changes including Why are we using forms? How do I make revisions? Can I add a personal blog? How do I know who is sharing a web site? Comments prompted revisions. Thank you!

    3. FAQ about comment moderation updated. Also, in answer why we use domain names, I corrected statement describing where one signs-in to Blogger. Thanks for your feedback.

    4. Thanks for asking about comment moderation. FAQ update includes a screen shot. Try it!


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