Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Gallery March 12, 2011

Every few months, someone asks about a favorite photo they remember, but haven't seen in awhile. We're kicking-off a new project to catalog, preserve, and display our family's photographs and special papers. Won't you join us? Please start looking in the attic (yikes!), old boxes, and peel-back cellophane albums to rescue treasures waiting to be found.

We've started a new test web site; please Sign-in at the bottom of the page hereEveryone who signed-up for any of our restricted web pages has the opportunity to view this test site where we post family-only details about the collection.

We can easily link to a number of individual web albums, where you set your own access controls.

We've recently received the suggestion to use both Picasa and Flickr, if we're going to share any group web album accounts (posts about Picasa and Flickr). Also, we received suggestion to use MyPublisher to publish hardcover books.

If our family is serious about having shared web albums, there's plenty of room to discuss privacy, further distributions, and any cost issues. Please convey your preferences and suggestions by taking our Gallery Survey.

Regardless of format, we're asking you (our extended family) to contribute or appropriately display photos, art, news clips, invitations, announcements, diplomas and certificates, hand-written recipes, correspondence, postcards, greeting cards, and other family documents. Here's our Privacy Practices.

Vendors offer scanning services. If you remove items from frames or albums, pack and pay postage both ways, we have several family volunteers who will scan items you wish to place in family archives, and return the items to you. Items to scan should be 8x10-inches or less, unless you make other prior arrangements.  Please spread the word to other relatives. Thank you fro reading!

How do you like displaying your family photos? Leave a comment!


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