Sunday, March 20, 2011

Flickr Account March 20, 2011

From feedback, we've opened a Flickr account for sharing family photos; we invite you to contribute content. Please post questions/comments below or send us an Email to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

What visibility (privacy) settings do you recommend for our family web albums? Please share your thoughts in comments.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sausage Snack

The Swineherd, Brittany (1888) by Paul Gauguin

Hearty breakfasts are a mainstay of Irish cuisine and traditions. Sign-in for the announcement in detail here; the recipe is here. Just in time, and have Happy St Patrick's Day!

What's your favorite breakfast food? Let us know in comments!

Family Gallery March 12, 2011

Every few months, someone asks about a favorite photo they remember, but haven't seen in awhile. We're kicking-off a new project to catalog, preserve, and display our family's photographs and special papers. Won't you join us? Please start looking in the attic (yikes!), old boxes, and peel-back cellophane albums to rescue treasures waiting to be found.

We've started a new test web site; please Sign-in at the bottom of the page hereEveryone who signed-up for any of our restricted web pages has the opportunity to view this test site where we post family-only details about the collection.

Ireland's new online archive collection

This guest post is written by a relative who researches genealogy.

The website, launched March 3, allows the public to search a wide range of Irish archives online. The IAR website is a portal bringing together a large number of collections from around Ireland, preserved by a range of organizations. Some of the collections include the Irish Film Archive, the Guinness family archives, archives from UCC’s Boole Library and a large number of city and county council archives.

Long-term, the site hopes that all Irish archives will be digitized and fully accessible online. For more information about the IAR site, click here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recipe Link: Seafood Bake

Do you remember your first recipes while you learned to cook with your mom? Just rescued from a shoe box, you'll enjoy this casserole recipe. Sign-in to read the announcement in detail here.

To sign-up for, send your signature recipe(s) or favorite family menu to ourbigfamilycooks-AT-gmail-DOT-com, or Email the author below.

What's the first dish you made while learning to cook? Let us know in comments!

Lenten Recipes

Today is the beginning of Lent, when our family's cooks become a bit more inventive with those Friday menus.

What's your best Friday recipe? Send it via Email the author below for our Family Cookbook. 

What are your traditions for Fridays in Lent? Let us know in comments!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

St Patrick's Day 2011

St Patrick's Day is only two weeks away! We know some of you (including our pets) are getting ready for the big day. Since we all enjoyed our March 14, 2009, Special Edition