Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Priorities

Here's our proposal for 2011. Since we have several web sites requiring explicit authorization to sign-in, we'll focus more on Internet and other mobile applications, and exploring wider audiences to connect our extended family. For example, and soon, we'll launch public calendars, YouTube Channel(s), and streamlined Picasa Web Albums. 

Also, we are evaluating Blog hosting services and other Google Sites, with both unlisted and listed public URLs. Anyone with the link can access and view the content on unlisted web sites. Listed public web sites will appear in Internet search results, and are easily viewed by the general public. Facebook and Twitter are also on our project lists.

With our family's habits changing, the priorities of our family projects must be contemporary, creative, and dynamic to be meaningful resources. Volunteer for our team and make suggestions by sending an Email to our personal accounts or bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.  

Please regularly visit this Blog because we'll post general announcements here. To inquire/comment/object, please post comments on any of our blogs (private or public), or send us an Email. Thank you for your ongoing feedback. 

How do you want to participate in 2011? What do you think our 2011 priorities should be? Please Email the author!

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