Monday, November 22, 2010

Do You Know Our Privacy Settings? -- Updated Jan 14, 2012

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Visitors to our public sites may join our blog mailing list(s) and receive notifications of new posts to the selected blog (forum sign-up here and sign-up here). You'll find the FeedBurner link to Join Our Mailing List at the top of the right side of the page.

For security, relatives who register and contribute content may access our restricted web pages.

When we embed calendars and photographs, sometimes you'll be prompted for an additional sign-in. For example and right away, you can view our Public Calendars (here and here), but you must have a Google Calendar Account and Subscribe to our restricted content to access our Family Calendar (here).

If you want to share your photos in our web albums, kindly take a moment to briefly tell our online team where/what you wish to publish (optional form here). Then watch your E-mail for a message "inviting" you to share photographs. Sign-in from your registered E-mail account, follow the link(s), and start to upload.

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Links Updated January 14, 2012

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