Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heritage Project Underway Sept 5, 2010

A new team project is underway to read, write, and illustrate our family heritage and unique history.
  • Who are our ancestors and what role have they played in our lives?
  • Whose appearance do you resemble?
  • What principles and values guide us?
  • What role has our family played in history?
  • What special interests and talents do we share?
  • What are our traditions and special stories?
  • When are the key dates in our family history?
  • Where in the world did our family originate?
  • Other questions you add . . .
A number of third-party online services are available to us. Please take our Heritage Project Survey (login required to view archived form) to comment about these and other services you add for consideration:
  1. AGES-online
  2. arcalife
  3. Family Pursuit
  4. Geni
  5. MyHeritage
  6. TribalPages
  7. WeRelate (beta)
How do you pass along family history? Let us know in comments!

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