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Address Book Tips -- Updated Dec 5, 2012

Our Family Address Book (FAQ) is your go-to place for keeping contact information current for you and your family. If you signed-up to share the web site (Registration FAQ), you're able to view online contact data right away (Web Sites FAQ).
The Emails web page has space for your personal Email, Twitter, web site and Facebook links.

On our Address and Phone web page, there's room for your complete home address, Skype Name, mobile and land-line (home) numbers. We include the USPO link to Look Up a Zip Code.

User Basics
> Sign-in to the Email account you registered
>  Navigate to
>  Sign-in at the bottom of the page
>  From top menu bar, hover over "Restricted" to choose from drop-down menu
> View family pages
>  Change your data via our Contact Form, or
>  Get login permission by completing Registration Form

We use Page Level permissions (learn more); as a precaution, our online team revises all web pages at

Online Team Notes
If you have web site editing access, here's how you change our family address book:
> Navigate to target page (Emails, Address and Phones or Online Team)
> To edit existing item, locate name on list and click (for new entry, press Add item)
> Enter data on pop-up screen and proof-read
> Save
> Repeat procedure for any other household members
> As appropriate, post to private Message Board (example1)
> Respecting privacy zone, send generalized alert via Twitter @BigFamilyNews (example2 and example3)
> Post general announcement on (example4 and example5)

To be alerted when our address book is edited, please sign-up with FeedBurner to receive our RSS feed or add us to your family Twitter List (how-to here). Thank you for reading, and keeping your contact data current!

What can we do to foster family connections? Let us know in comments!

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