Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our first shared web sites June 1, 2010

After lots of consideration, we're ready to move ahead with a family web site. Our family technology pro recommends Google Sites (read why) and Gmail. We envision our big family sharing safe and easy-to-use Internet site(s), and where site access is restricted to family members, we propose:
  • Family participants Register a personal Email account before receiving site access to contribute content
  • Each family member provides current E-mail, phone, and mailing address, and we accommodate the few elder relatives who do not use the Internet 
  • Parents contribute the remaining and new birth dates, and we all add other dates to our shared-private calendar for remembering family birthdays, anniversaries, and planning events like family reunions
  • Creating a welcoming and convenient environment for exchanging news about our families' activities, interests, hobbies
  • Since some of our fondest memories start in the kitchen, collect and publish our favorite family recipes, menus, and food traditions
  • To gather, and preserve in digital format, a collection of photographs, videos, and other visual content to tell our family stories and remember our loved ones 
  • Continued use of PDF Files for sharing documents

Are you satisfied with this proposal?  Will you help with the test sites this summer? Have suggestions? Leave a comment!

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