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FAQ about resources at Workplace and School -- Updated Jan 11, 2012

We adopted these security precautions when we started sending family newsletter Emails, and consider them even more appropriate today. It's unreasonable to assume you have privacy for any of your online activities using public computers, or while you are at work or using your employer's equipment, networks, or Internet service.

Why can't I use my work email for 
family communications or web sites?
A:  Privacy is important to our family. Generally, your phone calls, emails, and Internet usage at the workplace are not private. Read about computer monitoring in the workplace. Every keystroke can be recorded and examined; read some of the ways employee Internet usage is monitored. Employers may monitor company computers and cell phones used for personal conversations. For these reasons, we choose not to use work and school e-mail accounts or equipment for exchanging family communications or accessing private family web sites. 

I don't own a personal computer. 
Can I sign-up using equipment
at school or work? 
What about public computers? 
A:  Sorry, no. We ask all relatives sharing our news exchanges to own and securely maintain a personal home computer, PDA, smartphone, iPhone or similar device, and have a home Internet Service Provider (ISP). We follow this practice because participating relatives told us they do not want their private data and images viewed or accessed from the workplace, or public computers or networks. The same is true of school or work Email accounts.

For example, and since we started sending family newsletters, we do not use computers or Internet services of schools, libraries, workplaces, hotels, libraries, universities, coffee shops, or office support centers for family matters or to access family web sites. Please respect our family's Privacy Practices.

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