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FAQ about Online Security -- Updated Jan 11, 2012

Each of us plays a vital role in protecting our family's confidential content (including images). Privacy and data security have always been top priorities of our family.

How do I know family 
privacy preferences?
Updated 1/11/2012
A:  Adopt our Privacy PracticesWhen in doubt, be thoughtful and ask before posting content about others. To make suggestions and join our discussion, click here.

Our relatives tell us:
  • They will participate only if personal E-mails and home computers are required. For that reason, we exclude work and school E-mail accounts, computer equipment, systems, and Internet time (FAQ about resources at Workplace and School).
  • They want family to sign-in before accessing personal data (FAQ about our Registration).  
  • They do not want our family's data or images accessible to unauthorized parties.
  • They want others to get permission of all content owners before redistributing information and images from our private sites.
  • They do not want family news or photos on Facebook (read our posts). 

What are some examples of 
safe Internet practices?
A:  Use common sense. Be thoughtful and professional when posting content. For a list in detail, please click here.  

How can I stay up-to-date 
on safe Internet practices?
A:  Pay attention to news reports on technology and security issues, and periodically browse web sites dealing with online security. For online security links, click here

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