Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 A Big Year

This has been a big year for our family projects. Our family has discussed and wished for web sites for at least ten years. Finally, in 2010, we've launched our first web designs. As we all look forward to 2011, our web team continues welcoming family suggestions and feedback for making improvements. Based on comments to the team this year, we plan to:
  1. Advance opportunities to increase "3rd generation" interactions 
  2. Clearly distinguish "restricted" vs "public" content
  3. Respect traditional privacy preferences while extending outreach with general announcement broadcasts
Thank you to everyone who patiently endured the E-newsletter phase, and gave time to develop and check our web sites' content. Let's stay connected, nurture our family relationships, and wisely use the tools at our disposal. Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Recipe Link: Marinated Mushrooms

We've just added this recipe to our private Family Cookbook. To read the announcement in detail, please sign-in and click here. Also, anyone may view the recipe here. Merry Christmas!

Do you want to Sign-up? Just send your signature recipe(s) using Email the author below!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sharing Holiday Recipes

Happy holidays, everyone! While you've got recipes in hand making grocery lists, why not jot a few of them down for our private Family Cookbook? We have about 60 recipes in our collection now, and would like to include yours. Send us a PDF file, link, or handwritten or printed copy. We have volunteers ready to type for you. Merry Christmas!

We hope you're enjoying lots of fun family times during this holiday season. Thanks for the gift of your time contributing to our shared family projects now and through the year.

What's your favorite holiday dish? Let us know in comments!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Expanded Contact Data Dec 2, 2010

From feedback, we're updating our Address Book format. Please sign-in at the bottom of, go to E-mails list and fill-in your Facebook and Twitter Username. Then go to our USPO and Phone list and add your birthday (month and day), mobile number  and Skype Name. Thank you for these suggestions!

What else can we do to foster family connections? Share your thoughts in comments.

Links Updated February 8, 2013

Monday, November 22, 2010

Do You Know Our Privacy Settings? -- Updated Jan 14, 2012

Please Sign-up and Sign-in!

Visitors to our public sites may join our blog mailing list(s) and receive notifications of new posts to the selected blog (forum sign-up here and sign-up here). You'll find the FeedBurner link to Join Our Mailing List at the top of the right side of the page.

For security, relatives who register and contribute content may access our restricted web pages.

When we embed calendars and photographs, sometimes you'll be prompted for an additional sign-in. For example and right away, you can view our Public Calendars (here and here), but you must have a Google Calendar Account and Subscribe to our restricted content to access our Family Calendar (here).

If you want to share your photos in our web albums, kindly take a moment to briefly tell our online team where/what you wish to publish (optional form here). Then watch your E-mail for a message "inviting" you to share photographs. Sign-in from your registered E-mail account, follow the link(s), and start to upload.

The importance of being registered

We're connecting with relatives all over the USA (family-only map here).  To learn about the benefits of registering your personal Email with our online coordinator, click here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

For flowers that bloom about our feet;
For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;
For song of bird, and hum of bee; 
For all things fair we hear or see,
Father in heaven, we thank Thee!
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
 ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Cookbook Emails

Our Family Cookbook has a separate Email account-- ourbigfamilycooks-AT-gmail-DOT-com (address munging is intentional). One or more relatives periodically monitors and replies to incoming family messages. You may, of course, continue using our web team's personal Email accounts, or the Email the author link below our posts.

For other team Email accounts, please sign-in and view our private Family Address Book here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Google Sites Permission Levels Oct 27, 2010

Google Sites recently changed permission level terminology from Viewer, Collaborator, Owner to Can view, Can edit, and Is owner. We've refreshed all of our sites. You may have a different "permission level" (access authority) from one web site to the next.

To learn more about Google Sites permission levels, please read more. Post questions/comments below, or send E-mail to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Family Group Web Sites Available Oct 15, 2010 -- Updated Feb 3, 2012

If you're a family history buff, you might be interested in two new web sites. All genealogy data you sent to our online team through October 15, 2010, for two surnames is available on separate web sites for those family groups to share and maintain.  Last names intentionally excluded for privacy reasons; please do not post them. Key events occurred in 1918, 1950, and 1951.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes

These gobblers and football cupcakes will look great on your Thanksgiving table! Sign-in to our private Family Cookbook for PDF files here. Thank you for continuing support of our family projects. Have fun!

Do you want to join our Family Cookbook? Send your signature recipe(s) to ourbigfamilycooks-DOT-gmail-DOT-com . or Email the author below!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monster Cupcakes

Aaargh! For a trio of monsters, please sign-in to our private Family Cookbook, and click here.  Happy Halloween!

What are your favorite Halloween treats? Let us know in comments!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vegetable Casseroles

We added several new recipes to our private Family Cookbook. They're delicious and easy! For the announcement in detail, please sign-in and click here. Thank you for continuing to support our family projects.

What's your favorite vegetable casserole? Let us know in comments!

You might like:
Asparagus Casserole
Garlic Creamed Spinach

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Groups List Sept 29, 2010

We are replying to a request by posting a list of family groups in our Archives. To access, Sign-in at the bottom of You'll need to download and install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the PDF file (FAQ Newsletters here).

Is your family listed? To make additions, please use our Contact Form. Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Group Sheets

We've added sample Ancestor Profiles and 85 Family Group Sheets for your comments, photos, and additional data.

What is your favorite genealogy research database? Let us know in comments!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Picasa Web Albums Sept 21, 2010

We've uploaded all (but one missing file) photos in our 2008 to 2009 family newsletters to Picasa Web Albums.

From feedback, we also created other new Picasa web albums. By Email today, we invited everyone on our private family news access list to view and add to these albums. For Picasa and Picasa Web Albums Help, click here. You may also send your photo files via Email the author below, or send an Email to ourbigfamilynews-AT-gmail-DOT-com. Thank you for these suggestions. Please add your smiling faces and favorite places!

How do you most frequently share family photographs? Let us know in comments!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ancestor photos? Sept 19, 2010

From feedback, we've set-up a Picasa web album for ancestor photos. We're receiving more frequent inquiries about ancestor photos since starting our restricted  web pages. To get the link, use Email the author below, or send an Email to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.

Where do you keep ancestor photos? Let us know in comments!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Address Book Tips -- Updated Dec 5, 2012

Our Family Address Book (FAQ) is your go-to place for keeping contact information current for you and your family. If you signed-up to share the web site (Registration FAQ), you're able to view online contact data right away (Web Sites FAQ).

Birthdays Web Album Sept 13, 2010

Our family enjoys making Birthdays special events. We have a new Picasa Web Album for family birthday photographs and we display the Birthdays slideshow on a restricted web pages. We've sent the link to our family news contributors.

For our kick-off, we're looking for 80th and 1st birthday photographs. To get started, we sent Email to 10 to 12 relatives asking them to share their photographs for known events. To share your photos, please send Email to bigfamilywebsites- DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com.  Learn more about Picasa Web Albums.

Thank you for this suggestion!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heritage Project Underway Sept 5, 2010

A new team project is underway to read, write, and illustrate our family heritage and unique history.
  • Who are our ancestors and what role have they played in our lives?
  • Whose appearance do you resemble?
  • What principles and values guide us?
  • What role has our family played in history?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Make a Difference

There are a number of opportunities for you to contribute to our family projects. These communication opportunities are open to everyone in our family, regardless of age or location. Whether you can give time, knowledge, or financial support, you can make a difference.

Please post comments/suggestions below any of our blog posts, use our Contact Form, or send E-mails to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com. If you prefer, continue using our personal E-mail accounts. Our team loves hearing from you!

What do you want to see on our web site(s)? Let us know in comments!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Address munging

Our technology pros encourage address munging as a precaution on our web sites.

What are your technology or online security tips? Let us know in comments!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Address Book Edits Aug 28, 2010

We updated the Phones and Emails lists today. Please sign-in at the bottom of for details.

Has your contact data changed? Let us know via Email or use this form!

Family Census - Aug 28, 2010

We added two individuals to our family census.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Family Calendar in Google

Don't miss family birthdays and anniversaries! Based on your comments over the last 90 days, we are using Google Calendar exclusively for our Family Calendar. We deleted our private family calendar from Yahoo! To share this calendar, please open a Google Calendar Account and contact our coordinator (FAQ).

After receiving calendar access, please sign-in at and verify your family's special days are included. Thank you for your feedback.

What do you want to see on our Family Calendar? Let us know in comments!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Address Book Edits Three Aug 26, 2010

We changed contact data for three individuals, including our site administrator. For details, please sign-in at the bottom of

Have you moved? Let us know via Email or use this form!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Data Integrity Testing Aug 1, 2010

Please verify the information about your family by September 30, 2010. On our Google Sites, we suggest you "Search  this site" in the upper right corner. Please visit and Sign-in at the bottom of the web page to access private content. As a tool, we've posted a form there in Resources Archives. Please use our online form (here) to make corrections. Thank you for taking time to give us your feedback.

Links Updated February  8, 2013

What do you like about our web site? What changes would you like made? Let us know in comments!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Address Book Edits July 27, 2010

We made seven changes to our Address Book. For details, please sign-in at the bottom of

Please keep your contact info current by sending an Email to our coordinator or using our online form. Thanks!

Learn more:
AddressBook FAQ

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Graduations Photo Albums July 3, 2010

Congratulations, graduates! We've created private web pages for each of you to add your photos or slideshows. Our team has contacted each known recent graduate (Email or telephone call to you, spouse, parent, and/or grandparent) about adding your 2010 graduation photos. We'll create other pages, as needed. Please help us spread the word to the recent graduates in your family.

What are other family web albums do you want to see? Let us know in comments!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Address Book Adds Three July 1, 2010

We added three households to our private Address Book, and edited contact data for six individuals.  For current info, please sign-in at the bottom of

Do you want to be counted in our family census? Please Email us or use our form to send us your family connection and personal contact data. Many thanks!

FAQ about our Web Sites -- Updated Jan 11, 2012

Why are we using 
Page-Level Permissions? 
A:  This Google Sites' feature gives us flexibility to make some web pages private to Subscribers while keeping other web pages public for everyone to find and see on the Internet. Read the full Google Enterprise announcement here. Since we are trying to connect a large extended family (overview) spread across the USA, this feature really helps us implement registered domain names (read next question).

Why do you moderate
viewers' comments? 
Updated 01/11/2012
A:  Moderating comments is easier than policing spam. This is important because we choose to open comments to all viewers to maximize opportunities to connect with our large extended family. For more details, please read our Comments Policy. Here's how you add your comment:

After typing and choosing how you will Comment (e.g., LiveJournal, WordPress, OpenID, Name/URL or Anonymous), select "Post Comment" or "Preview." Then, when you, our blog reader, is satisfied with your Comment, complete the word verification by typing the characters you see.


EditAnonymous Anonymous said...
This is an example of the Comments Preview pane where Word Verification is enabled to reduce Spam. Random characters will appear below this box for your verification.
November 26, 2011 1:18:04 AM EST

Visual verification

After completing the word verification, your Comment is in queue; we will promptly moderate.

How do I make corrections?
Updated 09/18/2011
A:   Please send your revisions via our Contact Form. Once you Sign-in, we suggest you Search this site (generally, top Right corner) for your name to verify the accuracy of content entered for or about you.

Please also use our Contact Form to tell us about hyperlink problems, and syntax or spelling errors so we can fix them. For the good of the order, thank you!

How will I know that I'm registered? 
A:   Please click here.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Choose your newsletter(s) - - Updated Aug 25, 2011

By creating personal alerts for your favorite web pages, you are able to customize your own "newsletters." You need web site editing access for this feature. Once activated, any change made to the selected web page(s) will trigger a Google system message to your Registered e-mail account.

From the target web page(s): 

More actions in top right corner >> Subscribe to page changes
To remove, go to More actions >> Unsubscribe from page changes.

Starting August 25, 2011, and when you activate Google Sites new look, you will instead see icons and More.

You might also like to read about web feeds, which are available to public web sites.

Recipes: Chicken Scallopine

"I like to serve this elegant Chicken Scallopine from my daughter with my Spinach Salad Ambrosia."

Please sign-in to read the announcement in detail here or to browse

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RSS? - - Updated July 1, 2011

When will we have web feeds?  

We can offer web feeds for public, but not private web sites. For our private web site alternative, read more.  We're considering creating public web site(s) in 2011. What are your thoughts?

July 2011:
We're consolidating site news from our private web sites, and separating public and private content. Soon, we'll launch a public family blog on Until then, here's a few ideas:
  • If you can edit our Google Sites, you can receive E-mail alerts of changes if you "Subscribe to Page revisions" for web pages that most interest you;
  • Use our Social Networks Survey to designate the E-mail account you wish to use on our public Blogs. We'll send you a Blogger "Invitation" and you can transition with us. 
  • Keep in mind suggestions for public domain names are open through September 1, 2011, so Blog names or URL will likely change; track our URL updates here.
  • Track our web feed announcements here.
  • For those who don't want to use a web feed, you have option to receive automatic E-mails of new Blogs posted here. The process is managed by Google's Feedburner, not our blog/site coordinator(s). "Join Our Mailing List" is at the top right page here. For updates, read our FAQ Newsletters.
Thank you for your support. We look forward to hearing from you again soon. Please help spread the word about our web sites and design reviews. Enjoy your summer!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

FAQ about Online Security -- Updated Jan 11, 2012

Each of us plays a vital role in protecting our family's confidential content (including images). Privacy and data security have always been top priorities of our family.

How do I know family 
privacy preferences?
Updated 1/11/2012
A:  Adopt our Privacy PracticesWhen in doubt, be thoughtful and ask before posting content about others. To make suggestions and join our discussion, click here.

Our relatives tell us:
  • They will participate only if personal E-mails and home computers are required. For that reason, we exclude work and school E-mail accounts, computer equipment, systems, and Internet time (FAQ about resources at Workplace and School).
  • They want family to sign-in before accessing personal data (FAQ about our Registration).  
  • They do not want our family's data or images accessible to unauthorized parties.
  • They want others to get permission of all content owners before redistributing information and images from our private sites.
  • They do not want family news or photos on Facebook (read our posts). 

What are some examples of 
safe Internet practices?
A:  Use common sense. Be thoughtful and professional when posting content. For a list in detail, please click here.  

How can I stay up-to-date 
on safe Internet practices?
A:  Pay attention to news reports on technology and security issues, and periodically browse web sites dealing with online security. For online security links, click here

Didn't find your question here? You might check our Library of FAQ (Who-What-When-Where-Why? format) and/or search entire blog archives for posts tagged FAQ

For more information, here's our Contact Form.

    Saturday, June 26, 2010

    FAQ about our Confidential Info -- Updated Feb 26, 2012

    Do I have to use my full name 
    when posting on our public web sites?
    A:  No. On our public Blogs, you may post using a nickname (recommended) or anonymously. More info about this blog.

    Will you post my name
     on public web sites?
    Updated 01/06/2012
    A:  Yes, if you or your group advertises a public event like a concert or live theater performance. For a related web site, we first wrote to relatives for their permission, and plan to continue that courtesy.

    Also, our online team may use a few surnames (last names) so our extended family will recognize the web site is relevant to them. Please read our current Privacy Practices here, and post comments here.

    Will you post my personal Email or 
    personal contact data on public web sites?
    A:  No.

    Will you remove data 
    about me/my family?
    Revised 01/06/2012
    A:  Yes. For family web sites, please see our Complaint Resolution in our Privacy Practices. We are not responsible for content of external sites.

    Are you comfortable everyone 
    in our family knows how
    to protect confidential data? 
    Updated 02/26/2012
    A:  Yes, generally. Our team has been fielding questions and coaching since we started the Email newsletters in 2008. For example, we've been asked not to use business Emails and equipment (hence, FAQ about resources at Workplace and School), and to discourage forwarding of  chain Emails. Whenever we add someone to our big family distribution, we inquire about her/his Internet practices and address our family's privacy expectations. Starting January 1, 2012, we're also posting our Privacy Practices.

    Most relatives seem keenly aware of keeping their Email account secure (read more). We encourage relatives to stay up-to-date on current safe Internet practices, and post suggested reading links.

    As requested, we also post online security tips. From feedback in February 2012, (after Google announced changes), we began linking to data control instructions.

    Didn't find your question here? You might check our Library of FAQ (Who-What-When-Where-Why? format) and/or search entire blog archives for posts tagged FAQ. For more information, here's our Contact Form.

    Sunday, June 20, 2010

    FAQ about our Registration -- Updated Dec 31, 2012

    What is a Google Account 
    and why do I need it?
    Updated 02/01/2012
    A: Google Account defined here.

    We use Google's internal systems to authenticate the E-mail accounts of persons who are authorized to access restricted content on our blogs, calendars, documents, and web sites. Gmail is an example of a Google Account. You are able to authenticate your account/big family access with a Google Account (create here) or Gmail account (open here).

    We encourage everyone in our family to open a personal Gmail account to access our restricted web pages. Please open it as a secondary E-mail account if you are pleased with another provider. Besides the benefits to our family process, you receive the value of a "clean" E-mail address you can use for things like mailing lists and public Internet interactions. Here's Google's Top 10 Reasons to use Gmail, and you can Get started here. You'll find Gmail tips and tricks at the Official Gmail Blog.

    For tips how to authenticate your existing Email account, please scroll down this page.

    Is Google Account the same as Gmail?
    Updated 01/12/2012
    A: No. Gmail is an example of a Google Account. Find definition of Google Account here

    You are able to authenticate your account/big family access either with a Google Account (create here) or Gmail account (open here). For authentication tips, please scroll down.

    Where does my registration form go?
    Updated 7/28/2011
    A: Big Family online forms and surveys go to family blog/site coordinator.

    Subscription requests for web feeds and "follow by Email" or Blog "mailing list" go directly to FeedBurner and Blogger (both owned by Google).

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    Family Census - June 19, 2010

    We added nine persons to our census.

    How are we doing? June 19, 2010

    Please tell us about your experience on our web sites to help us make continuous improvements for everyone's benefit.  Whether reporting a typo, broken link, or suggesting different content or media, please give us the benefit of your ideas.

    One way to share your feedback is to post comments below any of our blog posts. Another way is to rate a web site using our online satisfaction survey, How Are We Doing?. If you prefer, use our Contact Form, or send Email via bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com or Email the author link below our blog posts.

    We appreciate all feedback!

    Graduation Weekend Recipes

    Ask and you shall receive! We've just added these new recipes (and the wine picks) to our private Family Cookbook. Please Sign-in and read more. Thank you for supporting our family projects.

    Want to join our Family Cookbook? Send your signature recipe(s) or favorite family menu via mail the author below!

    Register for Big Family News

    We finally did it! We've created a private web site for exchanging family news, and we're looking for volunteers to write blogs from time-to-time. To screen out unauthorized viewers, we need a login mechanism. You will sign-in to view restricted content. If you didn't receive an Email inviting you to share the web site, our online coordinator doesn't have your Email! 

    Please Register your family's personal (not used for business or school) Email account(s) with our site administrator, who is a relative. Registered Email accounts are visible to the individual relative(s) who own the web site. With your permission, we will post your account to an Emails list that is available to our family subscribers (Address Book FAQ).

    Please open free Gmail Account for our family web site access. If you do not use Gmail, you must validate your existing account through the Google system, and will need a Google Account (create account here). Your Google Account gives you access to iGoogle and other Google services. While it's easy to validate an Email account from another domain, we've received a few complaints. Those individuals found it easier and faster to open a new Gmail account. In the long-run, we believe you'll be more pleased if you open Gmail to use with our family web sites.

    Please send us an Email to bigfamilywebsites-DOT-info-AT-gmail-DOT-com, or post comments/questions below. 

    Updated June 6, 2012

    Summer Recipes

    We've just added a fabulous Lemonade Cake and two other recipes to our private Family Cookbook. Please sign-in and click here. 

    Do you want to share our cookbook web site? Send your signature recipe(s) or favorite family menu via Email the author below!

    Address Book Adds Eleven June 19, 2010

    We added contact data for eleven households, and edited three other households. For details, please sign-in at the bottom of We're collecting first, middle, maiden and last names, nick-name, home address, home and mobile phones, Email and the names of your immediate family members.

    June is usually a busy month for moves in our family. For updates, please consider using our online form. Thanks!

    Based on feedback, please view this update. As of September 1, 2011, we have individual rather than family entries. we're now using a Google Docs spreadsheet for our Family Address Book, and it replaces the Word PDF File that we have been using. Thank you for taking time to provide your feedback.

    To share the private (download Privacy Practices) Address Book web site we're developing, please send us your family connection and personal contact data. Here's our Address Book FAQ; you can ask questions using our Contact Form or below in comments.

    Learn more:
    Privacy Practices
    Comments Policy
    Address Book FAQ
    Last Updated February 9, 2013

    Family Cookbook is online

    Ever wish you could easily find your mom's or grandmother's recipes? With our new private Family Cookbook website, you'll find all of the family recipes we began collecting in our Email newsletters in 2008, plus others you post. Sign-up by contributing a signature recipe or favorite family menu and then access Do leave comments. We rely upon them to make site improvements for everyone's benefit.   

    This is a great way to honor family traditions and keep family memories. Many thanks to our contributors. Send us your recipe via Email the author below! 

    What are your favorite summer dishes? Let us know in comments!

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010

    Sharing Public Web Sites June 1, 2010

    In addition to private web sites, we propose developing other safe and innovative Internet environment(s) for convenient access to family project and general news updates. Some of these sites will be accessible in public Internet search results to enhance our opportunities to connect with relatives who do not participate in our private web sites. Also, we wish to determine the best way to promptly reach a majority of our extended family.

    What are your thoughts about having public web sites? Leave a comment or Email the author below!

      Our first shared web sites June 1, 2010

      After lots of consideration, we're ready to move ahead with a family web site. Our family technology pro recommends Google Sites (read why) and Gmail. We envision our big family sharing safe and easy-to-use Internet site(s), and where site access is restricted to family members, we propose:
      • Family participants Register a personal Email account before receiving site access to contribute content
      • Each family member provides current E-mail, phone, and mailing address, and we accommodate the few elder relatives who do not use the Internet 
      • Parents contribute the remaining and new birth dates, and we all add other dates to our shared-private calendar for remembering family birthdays, anniversaries, and planning events like family reunions
      • Creating a welcoming and convenient environment for exchanging news about our families' activities, interests, hobbies
      • Since some of our fondest memories start in the kitchen, collect and publish our favorite family recipes, menus, and food traditions
      • To gather, and preserve in digital format, a collection of photographs, videos, and other visual content to tell our family stories and remember our loved ones 
      • Continued use of PDF Files for sharing documents

      Are you satisfied with this proposal?  Will you help with the test sites this summer? Have suggestions? Leave a comment!

      Saturday, May 29, 2010

      FAQ about our use of Social Media -- Updated Jan 6, 2012

      I don't want any photographs
       I share with the family to 
      go on Facebook-- can you help me? 
      Updated 1/6/2012
      A:  This is a basic issue of trust within our family, and your privacy choices are to be respected. Here are our online Privacy Practices. With Facebook Photo Tags, this is a sensitive topic to many people. For a privacy guide to Facebook facial recognition, click here

      Here's a few ways we can work together on photo-sharing. Please consider using our online form to convey your Photo PreferencesAs a precaution, and to discourage republishing, you can apply a watermark to a copy of your photo files. Our team applies a watermark to family images we add to our web site(s). For more info, read Watermark Your Images blog post on

      Before adding photos to a web album, read the service provider's Privacy Notice (Picasa here and Flickr here) to understand the circumstances that might trigger your images being re-shared.

      If the images are not on a family web site, please contact the owner(s) of the site where the images are displayed.

      Does the online team 
      use social networks?
      Updated 1/6/2012
      A:  Yes. We adhere to Privacy Practices and urge you to comment about January 2012, revisions hereWe use:
      • Blog hosting services Blogger (intro here and here) and Twitter (intro here)  FAQ Blogs
      • YouTube (intro our Channels here and here
      • Photo-sharing sites Picasa and Flickr (intro here and there)
      We've asked for feedback about other social networks (Facebook here, here, and here and a group of genealogy sites here and there). 

      Have you considered using 
      Facebook for family news?  
      Updated 9/1/2011
      A: Yes, several times. Most recently we opened Facebook Redux discussion (also here) and asked relatives to take our Social Networks SurveyOn April 26, 2011, we began exploring how to interface our public web sites with Facebook and Twitter. At this writing four months later, not a single relative has endorsed using Facebook for news about our extended family. See the objections below.

      We do connect with family using other social media, but our web team does not use social networks to share your private family news or personal contact data. We urge all relatives to Be Safe online.

      Some relatives post information about themselves on social networking sites, and we hope they will also participate in our family web sites. As of December 3, 2010, we are collecting Facebook and Twitter account information in our private address bookAlso, several of us are in the limited field trial of Google's new social networking service (read more) that started in June, 2011. We're monitoring and posting news about Google+ developments (example).

      What feedback have you received about 
      using social media for our family news? 
      Updated 6/9/2011  
      A:  Family members raised objections in four main areas:  
      1. Many relatives are concerned about personal privacy and maintaining online security. Photo tagging and facial recognition technology falls in this category. Our family's computer and web site professionals assure us it is easier to control access to content on private web sites than the social networking sites. 
      2. One of our key objectives is providing online access to our family calendar and address book. It's never a smart idea to post one's birthday, home address, or phone number on a social networking site, so we developed appropriate alternatives.
      3. Some parents of minors do not want their children using social media. (For a copy of  the FTC's Social Networking Sites: A Parent's Guide, download here).  
      4. We are a creative bunch, and do not want to surrender ownership of our  content and images.    

      Why do you post about Facebook 
      if you do not use Facebook 
      for our family news? 
      New Oct 26, 2011
      A: We post about Facebook as a service because many relatives use it, and others question us about it.

      How do I learn about the 
      different social networks?  
      Updated 5/23/2011
      A:  We suggest you go to the source. Visit one or more of these websites:

      Could we add Facebook and 
      Twitter to our public web sites?
      A:  Yes, with support (read more).  

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      Sunday, May 16, 2010


      Yesterday at a family gathering, several of us discussed using Facebook for "family updates." What do you think?

      Are you in favor of using facebook for our family updates? Please Contact us or let us know in comments!