Saturday, February 28, 2009

News Needs Your News Feb 28, 2009

To ensure our newsletter is meaningful, we want to stay focused on the extended family.  To that end, we hope each of you will contribute stories (and pictures) about your lives, whether small or big things. Everyday stuff and humorous stories are great.

While we may use a few "filler" stories to round out our family newsletter, we hope to keep the majority of  content focused on you-- our family. If you are regularly contributing stories, thank you. The entire family appreciates your efforts-- please keep the stories coming.

You tell us you enjoy reading articles about other relatives, so tell us about yourself! Reciprocity is key. If you're not sending stories now, please consider sending something in the near future. Our next regular newsletter will be dated April 1, 2009.

We Emailed the March 1, 2009, newsletter today (Archive here), and have a few items for later publication. Our Email also includes the March 2009 calendar in a PDF file. Please continue using the January 29, 2009, Address Book. Several of us would like to see a special St Patrick's day issue to be Emailed March 14, 2009. What will you contribute?

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