Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009 Newsletter

We sent Emails with our newsletter today (Sign-in at to access Archives). We'll continue weekly newsletters
as long as we receive content to support them. Thank you for your feedback about PDF (here). We're still tinkering with the calendar, so please send any other calendar comments before January 14, 2009.

Thank you for your patience as our team moved along the learning curve of assembling the lay-outs of our monthly packages. Special thanks to our news contributors and family problem-solvers who step-up with tips and tricks to improve the newsletters. Without their well-placed and timely  involvement, we surely would not be where are today. We're not claiming total victory but your comments indicate we've made some improvements.

To be viable and effective, a product,  process, or service must be dynamic and customer-focused. Your participation and feedback is essential to keeping this communication process meaningful to our different audiences. We have experienced frustrations and laughter, as well as the reaffirming kindness and love of family.

As we make our New Year's resolutions, let's all remember family matters!

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