Sunday, August 24, 2008

September 2008 Newsletter

It's our sixth consecutive monthly issue, and family news has lots of back-to-school, sports, and theater updates this month (Sign-in at to access Archives).

When we recently started sending file attachments, we learned that 5 households are not running the current version of Microsoft Office (XP 2007). On an interim basis, we will send attachments in the current Office XP 2007 and prior (Office 1997-2003) file formats. If you cannot open an attachment, please tell us. The sooner we learn about an issue, the sooner we begin resolving it. (Read status.)

For our next issues, we have a suggestion to collect and feature Fall Foliage and Halloween photographs. We're also looking for volunteers to scan photos and art that are not yet saved in digital format. Will you help our family with this? Results will be a "hoot!"

Reminder:  Please send your October 2008 newsletter items by September 22, 2008. Thank you for taking time to provide your content and feedback. Have a good month!

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