Friday, April 25, 2008

May 2008 Newsletter

We sent Emails today with our May 2008 newsletter (Sign-in at to access Archives). Due to the Memorial Day weekend, items for our June 2008 newsletter are needed by Thursday May 22, 2008. "Reciprocity is the key to every relationship." This endeavor works only as long as all family members participate and contribute news and events.

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 2008 Family Newsletter

 Nearly everyone "wishes" that we keep closer communications with one another. Several of us have discussed delivery channels for family news, educational information, and traditions among our large extended family.

We sent Emails with our first extended family newsletter today (Sign-in at to access Archives). For now, news will arrive informally and ad hoc, until we ascertain active interest and participation levels. Expect discretion rather than annoyingly frequent Emails.

Project at a Glance April 14, 2008

Building on momentum started in late 2007, we strive to promote good communications within our large extended family. We aim to change our habit of exchanging news only at times of medical emergencies and funerals. We want to reconnect all branches of our large extended family, and seek to provide meaningful opportunities to learn about each other, our values and traditions. Where feasible, we'll use readily available prevailing technologies as tools. Project objectives are here.